Leading our Sustainable Future

Everything we do needs to happen in a sustainable way.  Kirkland’s Sustainability Master Plan that I championed provides the blueprint for our response to combatting climate change through actions in Kirkland, via partnerships in the region, and advocacy at the state level.  Kirkland will be a leader in clean and renewable energy, transitioning to zero-emission electric vehicles, and reducing greenhouse gases from buildings.  What we build, where we build, and how we build it matters.

The sustainable future for Kirkland is at the intersection of our growth strategy focused around transit, leveraging our transportation and transit investments, and building affordable housing and green buildings overall.

In addition to what we do in Kirkland, I’m working as part of the King County Cities Climate Collaboration to share best practices, tools and resources among the region and advocate in the legislature when we need support from the state.  We’ve had successes in the legislature with the state carbon emission cap-and-invest plan, climate justice bill, and adoption of the clean fuel standard.  We have work ahead so that all cities incorporate climate into their comprehensive planning and adopt robust energy codes for efficient green buildings and houses.