Endorsed by Washington Conservation Voters

I am proud to have earned the endorsement of Washington Conservation Voters.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with WCV on climate change, environment, transportation, and equity and environmental justice, and support their Evergreen Future campaign.  

Indy On Air Podcast: Turning Up the Heat on Climate Action

Indy On Air LogoI was honored to talk about cities and climate action for the Indy on Air Podcast. We talked about how cities can prioirtize climate action, what actions have the most impact, and what are the biggest challenges.  We talked about Kirkland's Sustainability Master Plan, which I was proud to champion, and how cities can work together with the supoprt of the King County Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C).

Listen to the podcast at https://anchor.fm/indyonair/episodes/Turning-Up-the-Heat-on-Climate-Action-e14m5qc

I was interviewed with my colleague and fellow climate champion and K4C leader, Sammamish Councilmember Pam Stuart.  The Sammamish Independent Indy on Air Podcast is a production of youth journalists.

Endorsed by Sierra Club

Sierra Club logo

Everything we do in Kirkland needs to happen in a sustainable way.

I’m proud of Kirkland’s Sustainability Master Plan, which the City Council adopted last year. This plan sets out goals and actions in many areas, including greenhouse gas emissions, electricity supply, transportation, and city operations. We heard many wonderful ideas from the communitiy during a sustainability summit in 2019.  I championed a number of changes that strengthened the plan. Many actions and key policy details need to be implemented in the next three years, which is an important part of my work ahead.

I am an active leader in the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C), and its outreach committee. This has supported K4C cities advocacy in state legislation and Puget Sound Energy’s plans considered by the state’s Utility and Transportation Commission, as well as sharing best practices for local policies.  K4C shows how cities can work together to help solve a global problem.

My priorities—and Kirkland’s future—is at intersection of climate, transportation, and affordable housing policy. We have the opportunity for significant reduction in emissions with more housing near jobs, connected to transit, in efficient, green buildings. We also need to invest in local connections to enable more transit usage and other ways to walk and roll, including circulator shuttles, greenways, scooters and the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

I'm proud to be endorsed by the Sierra Club.

Advancing youth Issues

I was asked by the King County Young Democrats to submit a video answering the question "What are you doing to advance youth issues?"  I worked with my daugther Audrey, who is studying communications in college, to create this.

I am proud to have earned their endorsement.


Endorsed by Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Given the alarm over the presence of armed individuals during peaceful protests in downtown Kirkland during June of 2020, we heard from many folks in the community wanting action. We heard from many people wanting to show support for Black Lives Matter--especially families--but felt intimidated from participating and worried about threat of potential escalation with open carry around protests. 

The City Council included a priority to our 2021 legislative agenda to advocate to "amend state law as necessary, consistent with the Washington State Constitution, to prevent the visible presence of firearms from intimidating those exercising rights to assembly."

I chair the Council's legislative workgroup.  During the legislative session, my colleagues and I were actively involved in advocacy to support Senate Bill 5038, sponsored by 48th District Senator Patty Kuderer.  The bill originally covered the state capitol campus and we worked with the Senator to include demonstrations in the scope of her bill.  SB 5038 was passed and signed by the governor.  It is an example of commonsense reform that can happen when we work together, part of several actoins taken since we heard from all sides during a gun safety town hall Kirkland held in June of 2018.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Alliance for Gun Responsiblity Victory Fund.

Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold Announces Run for Re-Election to City Council

I'm announcing my re-election campaign today!  - Jay

Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold announced he is running for re-election to the Kirkland City Council, outlining an agenda to strengthen community, ensure sustainability and create a more connected Kirkland.

“Reflecting on events of the past year, the people of Kirkland appreciate all that we have here—both as a city and more importantly, as a community,” stated Arnold. “They are grateful for the response we have had to the coronavirus as families and local businesses have struggled. And while we have much work to do, we can bounce back even better.”

His announcement follows the release of a video of the State of the City in Kirkland, which recognized the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 outbreak, the city’s focus on equity and racial justice and progress on other city priorities. The video includes remarks by the entire City Council. 

“We have all of the building blocks to rebound in a more sustainable way, building a stronger community for everyone,” continued Arnold.

“The city and the community have been working hard to support our favorite local restaurants and shops during the pandemic,” said Angela Rozmyn, who founded the Eastside Restaurant Support group on Facebook. “As we recover, the work Jay has done to support neighborhood places and gathering spaces like Downtown, Juanita Village, and Totem Lake will help local business again thrive.”

“As the COVID crisis changed our daily habits, we’ve all come to appreciate Kirkland’s commitment to providing a vibrant, green, walkable community,” observed Greg Gunther, who is an active member of Kirkland Greenways. “Jay’s leadership with the city’s recent Sustainability Master Plan charts the way for continued progress. Jay will make meaningful investments in transit, safe walking and biking, and the Cross Kirkland Corridor.” 

Arnold recognizes there is more work to do. “We need to build on that sense of Kirkland community and be a place where everyone belongs,” continued Arnold. “That includes housing. We need more affordable housing, especially for Kirkland’s teachers, first responders, and other essential, frontline workers.”  

Arnold was first elected to City Council in 2013. He was selected by his fellow Councilmembers to serve as Deputy Mayor, a position he has had since 2016. He represents Kirkland on regional organizations dealing with climate, transportation, transit, growth management, and the Eastrail. 

Arnold is a freelance web developer and IT consultant. He lives in the Norkirk neighborhood with his wife, Mary Beth Binns. They have three teenage daughters.