Vote Jay Arnold

Re-elect Jay Arnold to Kirkland City Council

Facebook_Cover.jpgI’m honored to represent you on the Kirkland City Council.  I have worked to bring people together, listen to your ideas and concerns, and develop creative solutions.  During the last four years, I have worked to:

  • Provide incentives to finally develop Totem Lake, soon providing shops, restaurants, and services to meet our daily needs without leaving Kirkland.  The community identified Totem Lake as their consensus for growth, and we are successfully targeting most of the new housing development to this neighborhood.  
  • Strengthen neighborhoods by adding new park and open space, completing the safe school sidewalk network, and implementing local safety projects identified by you.  I led the effort for the Council to recommit to neighborhood plans, seeing the first major updates later this year.
  • Build the Cross Kirkland Corridor interim trail connecting those neighborhoods from South Kirkland to Totem Lake.  Based on your feedback, we added neighborhood connections and made crossings safer.  With events like Crossing Kirkland, new art installations, and linear parks like Feriton Spur adjacent to Google Campus, we see the potential of the corridor being envisioned.
  • Keep Kirkland clean and green.  I championed the effort to solar panels on City Hall and joining the Green Direct program, purchasing 100% green power for city operations.  In addition to living our values as a city, this will save the city tens of thousands of dollars in its energy usage.

And we have come together as a community, proudly declaring Kirkland as a welcoming, inclusive city.

But our work isn’t doneWe still have more work to do to speed up planned transportation projects, explore ways to accelerate hiring more police and firefighters, and make housing more affordable for people at all ages and stages of life.

I want to hear your questions, concerns, and ideas.  Please email me at or give me a call at (425) 533-2889.

I ask for your vote for re-election.  Return your ballots by Tuesday, November 7thTogether, we can keep Kirkland moving forward.